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Domino plug-in log archive



A little question concerning the log archive option in a domino plug-in. The option is configured and activated. Everything seems to work fine. The snapshots are taken of the voumes with the data and logs on it. The transaction logs are cleaned up. In the archive log directory new files are created, however they are 0kB.

Shouldn't these be the same size as the transaction log files?

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Re: Domino plug-in log archive


*Replied to Gert already via email, but replying here as well to capture the information*

There was a bug in Snap Creator 3.4 that resulted in some Domino Transaction logs being copied with a zero byte size.

This was patched in a later release and should be correctly in Snap Creator 3.5.

There was also a separate bug with the transaction logs in 3.5 that resulted in files being copied with a different size than the source files.  This typically was not a zero byte file size and only occurred with Snap Creator installs on Windows.

Snap Creator 3.6 fixes both problems.

There are also numerous other fixes and updates in Snap Creator 3.6 including several fixes to the Snap Creator scheduler.

3.6 also adds additional features to the Domino plug-in including up-to-the-minute and selectable point-in-time for volume restore and single file restore options for Domino in a SAN environment.

Check out the videos on the 3.6 version of the Domino plug-in to learn more.

It is recommended to upgrade to Snap Creator 3.6

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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Re: Domino plug-in log archive


The upgrade towards version 3.6.0 did the trick!



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