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Errors 1108


Has anybody seen this erro before, getting errors on my Fabric A.

Failed to retrieve information required for connecting the LUN.

LUN Name = mail202_v_edrv
Storage Path = /vol/mail202_v_edrv/
Protocol Type = LUN
Storage System Name = usstp277-2fas02ca_adm

Error code : The specified LUN '/vol/mail202_v_edrv/mail202_v_edrv' is already mapped to at least one initiator '50:06:0b:00:00:c2:a6:40'. Try disconnect the corresponding LUN using SnapDrive on the host it is connected to, or from storage system console use 'LUN unmap' command, or unmap the LUN using Storage System View.


Re: Errors 1108


Hi, welcome to the forum.

I have seen this many times on our site.  The key thing is to disconnect the LUN initiator using filer view {manage luns} and the WAIT about 2 minutes for trying to connect.  Not sure why the wait is important but it rosolves the issue for me.

Hope it helps


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