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Exchange 2010 with V-Series


Has anyone deployed an Exchange 2010 solution (5000 users +) on V32xx with any type of 3rd party storage behind the V-series ?  I am interested to see performance differences to FAS, and also how Exchange has been set up.



Re: Exchange 2010 with V-Series

My Experience is, that Exchange is highly overrated in terms of performance needs.

And when you have a V32xx with some sophisticated Storagesystem in the backend, it should easily outperform the "dumb" DS-shelfs from NetApp, correct?


Follow these TR as Best practice guidelines, they are also valid for V-Series with some additional tought pt into it:

and here a 12'000 mailbox version:


Re: Exchange 2010 with V-Series

We are seeing some serious performance issues with using SATA drives. We realize that SATA in itself is a whole different problem, but we still should be hitting some much higher IO numbers than we currently are able to.

What is everyone doing about the 2010 requirements for 256k stripe size? Is there any recourse for Netapp storage, SATA or SAS?

Check out the KB!
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