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Flexclone with snap drive for unix


Good day,

I have a customer that is looking at flexclones for his oracle environment.  He is using snap drive for unix on a Redhat box.  Are the flexcloes still initiated from the filer then connected using snapdrive or are they initiated from the host?





according to the admin guide for snapdrive for unix the following actions are supported:

SnapDrive for UNIX operations on FlexClone volumes

There are various operations which you can carry out using on FlexClone volumes using SnapDrive

for UNIX. This section provides example of few SnapDrive for UNIX operations on the FlexClone.

Next topics

Role based access check for FlexClone operations

on page 132

Snap connect procedure

on page 133

Snap disconnect procedure

on page 133

Connecting to a single

filespec in a LUN

filespec in a LUN

on page 134

Connecting to multiple



on page 135

Disconnecting a



on page 137

Splitting the FlexClone

on page 138

Space reservation with FlexClone

on page 138

Snapdrive for unix does not create a flexclone, that would have to be done via script, then use the procedures above to connect to the lun...

Thank you,


Thanks.  That is what i thought.



After reading through the details of the link that I sent you, I was incorrect with my above statement Snapdrive for Unix can initiate the flexclones. look at this link:

Specifically see bold:

  1. Snap Drive for UNIX chooses an appropriate cloning method for storage system entities based on CLI configuration options as given below:
  2. If -clone lunclone option is specified in the CLI or the san-clone-method=lunclone option in the snapdrive.conf file, then SnapDrive for UNIX creates a LUN clone in the same volume from the given snapshot.
  3. If -clone unrestricted option is specified in the CLI or the san-clone-method=unrestricted option in the snapdrive.conf file, then SnapDrive for UNIX creates or reuses all-purpose FlexClone from the given Snapshot.
  4. If -clone optimal option is specified in the CLI or the san-clone-method=optimal loption in the snapdrive.conf file, then SnapDrive for UNIX automatically chooses between restricted FlexClone and LUN clone, based on storage system configuration.
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