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Flexclones Backed by Snapshots - Tracing the heirarchy


I have numerous systems with a lot of LUNS attached. We also use snap manager for oracle to create flexclones form these luns. Reguallry, we may get 'orphaned' clones i.e. clones that are no longer needed and are not presented but that are still present on the storage system taking up space. These flexclones are obvsioly backed by snapshots and the snapshots appear as vclone,bust when viewing the snapshots on the parent volume.

My issues is this:

In order to find these flexclones it appears you have to do the following

  • vol status <parent volume name>

The output will conatain the names of the cloned volumes i.e. "Volume has clones:<clone name>". It then seems like you have to run the vol status command gainst each one of these flexclones to determin which snapshot is backing it. Is there a way of doing the reverse i.e. seeing which flexclones are backed by which snapshot by running a command against the snapshot name?


Re: Flexclones Backed by Snapshots - Tracing the heirarchy

I don't know how to do this on CLI but both FilerView and Operations Manager are capable of listing clone hierarchies.


Re: Flexclones Backed by Snapshots - Tracing the heirarchy

Coming back to this after a few years of not dealing with NetApp . Seems like this can be done easily using the OnTap powershell tool kit and also the NetApp OnCommand Systems manager 3+

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