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Freeing up space on busy snapmirror snapshot



Do I have to break the snapmirror relationship to free up space on a busy snapmirror snapshot?




Re: Freeing up space on busy snapmirror snapshot



You need break a snapmirror relationship and release the snapshot, so the snapshot will be automatically deleted.
If it not happened, you need manual delete the busy snapshot.

Re: Freeing up space on busy snapmirror snapshot

In addition to previous suggestion..


This command will list all the snapmirror-tagged snaps with information about 'owner' and 'busy' state.
::> snapshot show -volume <volume> -fields owners,busy -snapshot *snap*


Check the reason for the 'busy' state. Usually, once the snapmirror is completed, status should be 'normal', unless there are any clones attached.


If you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that the snapshot you want to delete is not needed for the snapmirror relationship, then you can break it and delete it as suggested by the previous post.


If in case it's still complaining and failing to delete post breaking-snapmirror, then you can use the "-ignore-owners" switch to delete it:


::> set adv
::*> snapshot delete -vserver <vserver> -volume <volume> -snapshot <snapshot> -ignore-owners true


However, please make sure you fully understand the consequences of deleting the snapshot, otherwise you may end-up doing re-baseline'.



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