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Get-sdsnapshot not showing all fields


When I run get-sdsnapshot all of the fields have blank entries with the exception of the name, the filer name, and the full paths. It iis the same way for snapshots created with the SnapDrive GUI, CLI, the powershell and on the filer itself. I am running SnapDrive 7.1.2


If I snap list via the CLI, I get all expected fields back for the CLI.


Re: Get-sdsnapshot not showing all fields




yes, at this stage the SnapDrive cmdlet 'Get-SdSnapshot' does not return snapshot size (TotalBlocks, TotalKb and some other information) for LUNs.
The same cmdlet does return snapshot size output when an SMB share is being used.


The possible workaround is to use the Data ONTAP PowerShell toolkit to return this information instead.

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Re: Get-sdsnapshot not showing all fields


Thanks. I ended up going with the Data ONTAP Powershell module. The downside is that I have to connect to the filer first, but overall it's much better for cleaning up snapshots by date without having to jump through hoops.

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