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HANA 2 Multitenant backup using snapcenter



I have installed snapcenter 4.1.1 on Windows server 2016.  I have discovered Ontap 9.4 SVMs in snapcenter.  Also In snapcenter, I have configured snapcenter Windows host with plugins for Windows and SAP HANA.  I have successfully configured protection of snapcenter repository backup on an ISCSI LUN managed by snapcenter.  My main objective of this snapcenter setup is to take snapshot backup of HANA 2 multitenant backup, which is running on NFS shares on hana server.


My question is:

Can I setup snapshot backup of HANA 2 mutitenant using this single snapcenter server, which will also act as a Windows plugins host and HANA plugin host?

I will setup hdbuserstore to multiple HANA databases (both HANA 2 multitenant and HANA 1 single tenant) as Windows SYSTEM user on this server.  Any guidance on this is appreciated.




Re: HANA 2 Multitenant backup using snapcenter


You can use SnapCenter and the plugin installed on the Windows SnapCenter to backup SAP HANA systems, either HANA 1.0 single container or HANA 2.0 MDC single tenant systems.

Please also check the technical report, which describes the SnapCenter configuration for SAP HANA in detail



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