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How do I integrate SnapVault and SMSPS?


Does anybody know how to set up the SnapVault integration with SMSP?

Obviously there is the option in the SMSP gui Backup Builder to "Archive backup to secondary storage" but how is the connection to the snapvault storage set up in the first place?


Re: How do I integrate SnapVault and SMSPS?



You will need to set up NetApp OnCommand Core Package 5.0 in your environment. The data protection functionality of the OnCommand Core Package, setup of the resource pools and protection policies for the SnapVault relationships.

Here is the high level steps once you have the OnCommand Core package set up in your environment:

1. Setup SnapDrive to communicate with the OnCommand Core server. You do this via the sdcli dfm_config command.

2. Create a copy of the Remote Backups Only protection policy. Call it something like SMSP SnapVault

3. Set the Primary data retention to None

4. Set the Primary data to backup, set schedules and throttles to None

5. Set the Backup retention to a period you want

6. On the SQL database server for SharePoint, run the SMSQL configuration wizard.

7. Select the databases to be protected by SnapVault and select the SMSP SnapVault protection policy

8. The configuration wizard will create a dataset in OnCommand. The dataset will be in status of non-conformant

9. In OnCommand, create/assign a resource pool for where you want the snapvault data to be stored for the dataset

10. Once the resource pool is created/assigned, protection manager will create the destination volumes and snapvault relationships

11. If everything is setup correctly, you will see that the dataset status is Conformant.

12. In your SMSP backup plan, you will make sure that you have selected the databases that you want to backup and archive via snapvault

13. On the Advanced tab of the backup plan, select the "Archive backup to secondary storage" and set the remote backup management group.

14. Run your backup. If things are set up correctly, the SMSQL will create the database snapshot and communicate with SnapDrive to trigger a snapvault update. You can monitor the status of the snapvault via the filer CLI or using OnCommand.


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Re: How do I integrate SnapVault and SMSPS?


Brilliant mate, thanks.


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