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How to manage User/Group ACLs on Netapp


HI All.

I'm fairly new to Netapp management, and having grown up on Novell I was used to being able to manage file and directory ACLs.

Now that we are on MS AD, I know of no easy way to see what files/folders a user or group has access to.

Does anyone know of a Netapp (or other) tool that can audit and manage these ACLs ?

I don't really feel like drudging through miles of CACLS output, or waiting for it to dump.





Hardy -

From the NetApp only share level access is managed.

You'd use Microsoft tools to manage ACLs on the folders and files stored in shares.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff
Fastlane NetApp Instructor and Independent Consultant

(P.S. I appreciate points for helpful or correct answers.)


Yes, ACLs in NTFS are a pain sometimes. I recommend you use a ACL tool for scanning whole shares and exporting the permissions.

My favorite tool is Fileacl (freeware) since it's very fast:

The command below exports all subdirs of a share:

>fileacl.exe \\server\share /BATCH /SUB 

With a little bit of scripting you can import the permissions into a db for better searching.

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