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How to verify a SnapCenter SQL backup ad hoc?




I'd like to know if there's a way to, at any time, fire off a verification of a backup created by SnapCenter of a SQL instance or particular database?  Not a scheduled verification tied to a regularly occurring backup, but verifying a backup that was taken earlier in the day, week, month, year ad hoc.


I've been messing with the Invoke-SmBackupVerification command, but haven't gotten anywhere for a couple reasons.


  1. I can't figure out what is meant by a "verification policy name"
  2. Every time I try the examples in the cmdlet doc I get the same error: "Backup Schedule type can not be left empty"  The cmdlet examples don't mention backup schedules in the command options.

Anyone doing this now and could offer their method for doing this?




Re: How to verify a SnapCenter SQL backup ad hoc?


Currently there is no provision to do an on-demand verification for a previously taken SQL backup.





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