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IP Address change for OnCommand Server

Hi, I need to change the IP Address of the OnCommand server.

There's any requirement or recommendation in doing this?

Does OnCommand host need some special reconfiguration after the ip address change of Oncommand Server?

Any other requirement like parameter change or anything like this?




Re: IP Address change for OnCommand Server

Hi Francesco,

Not really.But you may want to take care in the following cases.

OnCommand Server acting as trap receiver from each filer.( snmp trap host in filer)

OnCommand Server acting as trap forwarder/sender to third part trap receivers like HPOV, IBM Tivoli etc.

Both these cases many not be affected if the dns names were used and that remains same during the IP address change.

These are the top things that come to my mind.



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Re: IP Address change for OnCommand Server

Thanks Adai, our OC Server is not acting as snmp trap receiver/sender, it just have connection to OnCommand Host on some of our vCenter server and is used by SnapCreator.

Normally we use the fqdn to call it and it's defined in DNS so client should not have any problems.

I'll change the ip in the next few days.


Re: IP Address change for OnCommand Server

Also, if you've integrated a SnapManager product with Protection Manager, it's copy of SnapDrive may be using the IP address of the OC server.  As Adai said, if you used a DNS hostname, and you update DNS, you should be OK.

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