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Independent snapshot creation & retention for Primary & Secondary?


Hi there,


I already searched around a bit and found a few workarounds and so on, but as far as I can see, there is no easy way to configure really independent Primary snapshots & SnapVault snapshots & retentions in one config?


What I specifically want to achieve is to have hourly & daily snapshots on the Primary and weekly and monthly snapshots on the Secondary only.


Ideally the weekly SnapVault snapshot should be created on the Secondary without having to create a weekly on the Primary first. So SnapCreator would check if the configured SnapVault transfer is running and only creates the secondary afterwards.


I want to achieve this purely with SC Framework, so no snapvault snap sched on the Secondary and also no Protection Manager please (7-Mode here still).


Sure, I can SC just let create a snapshot on the Secondary by schedule, but then it would not check if any transfers are still running.


Is this possible at all with the current SnapCreator version?





I don't believe that this configuration is supported today.


I forwarded the thread to the product management team as this is not the first time I've seen this request.





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