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Interroperability between SnapProtect and Simpana

Hi All,

I was talking about SnapProtect with a customer and they are very interested in that solution.

The customer asked me if we can create a backup to tape using SnapProtect they could restore this tape using the Simpana in another storage ?

If yes, Is this applied only for backups created by iDA's or for NDMP backups too ?

Kind Regards,

Vinicius Calori


Re: Interroperability between SnapProtect and Simpana

Hi Vinicius and welcome to the Community!

I believe there shouldn't be any problems with that, both for iDA & NDMP-type of backups, as SnapProtect is simply a rebadged Simpana - same backup/restore software & same backup format.

For NDMP restores though, they need a NetApp filer in another location, as NDMP formats are in fact different between different vendors.



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