Intersystems Cache 2015 Plugin for Snap Creator

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Hi all,


since an Update to the new version of Intersystems Cache (Version 2015) we get an quiesce error when trying SC Backups.


Where could I find the actual Plugin for Caché which works with Version 2015?

Any other Ideas or hint to resolv that issue?






Re: Intersystems Cache 2015 Plugin for Snap Creator



The Cache plugin is one of our community plugins, meaning that someone outside of the Snap Creator team created this plugin.

The Snap Creator team does not qualify or support this plugin.


If there has been a change to Cache that keeps the plugin from working then a new version of the plugin may need to be created.  This would require someone in the community to update the plugin.


Sorry I don't have more details.

You may be able to contact your account team and see if there is any way they can file a PVR or something similar to get the plugin updated.



Re: Intersystems Cache 2015 Plugin for Snap Creator

Where are the possibilities to Download SnapCreator Plugins?


In the past there was a GitHub repo but now the links are dead : especially



I am looking for someone in the community who knows some details generally about the SC Plugins or especially about the Caché Plugin.


Perhabs the guys who wrote the TR 3987 Snap Creator Framework Plug-in for InterSystems Caché could tell us more about the issue...



Re: Intersystems Cache 2015 Plugin for Snap Creator

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This Cache plugin is now avialable for download on the NetApp toolchest.


I do not know if this works for Cache 2015.  Since this is a community plugin NetApp does not test or qualify new versions.