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Is it possible to move existing LUNs with DB into SnapManager?



I've been trying to get an answer to this for a while now. Is it possible to move Non SnapDrive/SME or SMSQL LUNs (already containing Exchange and SQL DB files) to being managed by SnapManager without the need to perform a full data migration? I can't find any reference to performing this kind of migration and would appreciate any feedback out there.

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Re: Is it possible to move existing LUNs with DB into SnapManager?


If the LUNs in question follow the configuration rules for the SnapManager product for a valid snapshot backup (for example, separating the databases and transaction logs onto separate LUNs for a SME backup) then you can simply step through the SnapManager configuration wizard and accept the defaults.

The configuration wizard must still be run, but you would not actually be moving the databases or log files. The caveat is that the configuration rules for a valid SnapManager backup MUST be followed. If they are not, then you will have to move the database or log files in order to bring the file layout into a valid configuration.

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