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Is it possible to run more than one config per schedule ?



Environment: All server are microsoft windows 2008 R2 server. For this question specific, we use Microsoft failover cluster - a 2 node cluster.

We have a microsoft failover cluster with 4 clustered applications on it. Those clustered application can run on node 1 or node 2. Each clustered application has:

* an unique DNS name

* an unique IP address

* Clustered Disk

For each clustered application I need to make a SnapDrive Backup with a daily and weekly schedule schema. I need to use the clustered application's IP address because I don't know on witch node the application runs on.

I can't connect to 4 agents (4 different DNS names) in one SC config -> OK, I need to create 4 configs to make this work. No probs.

Is it possible to create 1 schedule and launch those 4 configs. This does not have to be synchronous, sequential is OK.

Thanks for helping,

Kris Boeckx


Re: Is it possible to run more than one config per schedule ?



It is possible to create a configuration that calls other configuration files.

To do this you will need to use one or more of the PRE or POST commands in Snap Creator.

Chances are that you will need to call this a couple times.

Here is an example - note that I am making a lot of assumptions in this example as I don't know the exact use case.






The main config would first need to quiesce all of the applications, then we'd take a Snapshot copy, then we'd unquiesce.

We would also want to make sure that the commands are called from the Snap Creator Server (default behavior is that the commands are called from the Agent), so we'll prepend each command with SERVER: to tell Snap Creator that the command should be executed on the Server and not the Agent.

APP_QUIESCE_CMD01:SERVER: snapcreator --action quiesce --config1

APP_QUIESCE_CMD02:SERVER: snapcreator --action quiesce --config2

APP_QUIESCE_CMD03:SERVER: snapcreator --action quiesce --config3

APP_QUIESCE_CMD04:SERVER: snapcreator --action quiesce --config4

I simplified the command above to show only the concept of what I am trying to say.

Here is an actual example of calling a Snap Creator config from a POST_APP_QUIESCE command from one of my environments:

POST_APP_QUIESCE_CMD01=SERVER:"C:\Program Files\NetApp\Snap_Creator_Framework\scServer4.1P1\snapcreator.exe" --server Tampico --port 8443 --user admin --passwd 47646177696542464c75436f3d0a --profile TeamCenter --config W2K8R2_1_SMSQL --action backup --policy daily

Assuming that all of the configs are in the same profile, the only difference in the command should be the --config parameter.

Once all of the quiesce commands have completed Snap Creator will take a Snapshot copy.

Since you are using Windows you would likely want to use SnapDrive to take the Snapshot copy.

That necessitates adding a Snapshot Create Command.

There is a video on this here:

You also want to be sure to add the SnapDrive command to the allowed_commands.config file.

I think that is also covered in the above video.

Once the Snapshot copy is taken you want to unquiesce - that is basically the same as the quiesce, but with a different action:

APP_QUIESCE_CMD01:SERVER: snapcreator --action unquiesce --config1

APP_QUIESCE_CMD02:SERVER: snapcreator --action unquiesce --config2

APP_QUIESCE_CMD03:SERVER: snapcreator --action unquiesce --config3

APP_QUIESCE_CMD04:SERVER: snapcreator --action unquiesce --config4

Once you have this tested and working then you just have to schedule the Main config.  It will call all of the others.

I have videos coming on how to call a config from a config - the video is recorded, but needs to be edited and reviewed.

Hopefully it will be posted on our YouTube channel in a couple weeks...

Please let us know if this works for you.



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Re: Is it possible to run more than one config per schedule ?



Thanks for the reply. I will test this in our environment and will give feedback when I'm done.



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