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Issues with 6.1 Installation

Hi All. I have searched and cant seem to find anything to point me in the proper direction on this one. I have done a 6.1 installation previously without issue so again, not sure why this time.

6.1 installation on a SharePoint 2013 farm (that part is new to me).

1 App, 1 WFE, 1 SQL server.

Agents are installed and security is set to propers according to documentation.

Here is the issue, the agents all say they are non-Sharepoint agents (in the Agent Monitor/Farm Info). Thusly Im not getting any farm information to finish confguration r setup a backup.

Any clue as to where I went wrong or where to go from here?




Re: Issues with 6.1 Installation

Hi Jason,

For SharePoint 2013 you need SMSP 7.1.1.



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Re: Issues with 6.1 Installation

That would do it! Thanks, Hans.

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