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LUN security style question


I want to double check what is the best practice for security style's.

I have a number of Qtree's with LUNS that are mapped via SnapDrive on our Mail server using Exchange 2007.

Should I be using Unix or NTFS security style? 

they are currently set to Unix and working fine.  However I want to double check they are set correctly and if not,

can they be changed to NTFS?

Creating new Qtree's and LUNS for Exchange and SQL SnapManager, should I use Unix or NTFS.



Re: LUN security style question


For LUNs, the security style of the volume/QTree does not matter. We use UNIX as default as well, but it also works with NTFS. Since you don't have a share or export on that volume (I hope ) and nobody can browse it, it's really no problem


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