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Licence needed?


"Have multiple Windows servers using ISCSI  to my main filer, FAS3240. I would like to map a drive to another filer, a fas 2040, in a different location, so i can migrate data between the two.  Problem is it tells me i do not have a licence to so.


I receive the error with create disk wizard,  "the requested opeation is not pemitted since this functionality is not licenced"


Trying to establish a session gives me "the lun provisioning and snapshot management snapdrive module licence required for the requested operation is not present"



Why would i need a licence if i can already map to one filer?


Ontap 7 mode, 8.1.4P9 wih snapdive


Re: Licence needed?


Sounds like your 2040 does not have a license for SnapDrive.  If you installed SnapDrive using the "per Filer" license base then it looks for the license on the filer.  Run "license" on the 2040 and verify a license is present on the system.

Re: Licence needed?


Found that there was already 2 severs maintaining a connection to the 2040. Checked one of them and found a licence key that woked for the server i was tesing wih, no problem.


Thanks for the quick reply

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