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License Expired for 3.2.3

I pulled down 3.2.3 today for LINUX and when I attempt to run the server setup I receive error license expired.  I downloaded the license this evening, tried multiple times with different keys and I still receive error license expired.  Am I missing something?  


Re: License Expired for 3.2.3

1. copy/paste license key to file called LICENSE
2. Copy LICENSE file to root dir of scServer and if you are using it scAgent
The format of the license file should be:



Re: License Expired for 3.2.3

Hey Daniel,

I did exactly this yesterday.  I verified that it finds the license file, as it complains if it doesn't.  The format I use in the file is:


I have changed one of the digits as not to post the license but this is the format the key is in.

Take Care,


Re: License Expired for 3.2.3

If this is unix, make sure you aren't creating the LICENSE file on a windows box and copying it over. Windows adds "^M" to end of each line, so that could explain your problem.

For Unix:

1. vi /path/to/snapcreator/LICENSE

2. LICENSE=<Lincese>

3. :wq - save file

For windows

1. open notepad

2. LICENSE=<License>

3. save as type should be "all files"

4. save file under c:\path\to\snapcreator\LICENSE

Let us know if this helps



Re: License Expired for 3.2.3

Thanks Keith.  Actually used vi.  

Re: License Expired for 3.2.3

Ok something is wrong with our license generation tool, here is a 30 day eval license


If you are doing a deployment you need a permanent license so you need to follow the process to get that, if you need help just send email to snapcreator (internal) DL dl-snapcreator



Re: License Expired for 3.2.3

Hey Kieth,

I am a DB/Virt CSE in Americas East, I am setting up SC in Dallas Demo lab.  The 30 day license worked fine.  Should I try back soon to get a more long term license?


Paul Winkel

Re: License Expired for 3.2.3

To get a permanent license send email to dl-snapcreator and make request, just make sure you specify it is for a lab environment (internal only)



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