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Lotus Domino single database restore



I'm interested in Lotus Domino plugin from Snap Creator. I'm wondering if there is a single database restore capability because that lacks in SMD: only way to restore databases to a consistent state is to do a full restore.

Will the API called by SC plugin guarantee individual database consistency? A Legato or NetBackup module seems to guarantee consistency for each single database thus allow individual restore.




Re: Lotus Domino single database restore

Hi Michel,

Lotus Domino plugin supports single database restore, this is an application consistent restore. You can restore it to the same location or to an alternate location.


Justin Skariah.

Re: Lotus Domino single database restore


There is single databases restore functionality with Snap Creator as Justin mentioned.

If you are using NFS protocol you can do this with Snap Creator - either in the GUI or the CLI.

If you are using FC or iSCSI you will need to treat this similar to SMD in that you will need to use SnapDrive to make the block to file conversion.

The databases in SMD worked the same way - while the snapshot and the databases were consistent, the GUI only provided for a volume restore.

You can still use SnapDrive to mount a snapshot and extract a single database.

Hopefully this helps. 

Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.


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