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Lotus Notes Transaction Log management



We're currently deploying Snapcreator for a customer migrating Lotus Domino to Netapp controllers (Windows hosts). The customer currently backs up Lotus with TSM, that is in charge of purging (truncating) the redo logs when the backup has been taken.

Do you know what SC does with the Lotus Domino redo logs when a snapshot has been taken? Does it manage this process in any way? Any example of scripts that we should use?

Thanks a lot in advance.



Re: Lotus Notes Transaction Log management


Pierre and I have already discussed this via email before I was aware of this thread, but I will reply here as well for the benefit of others.

The Domino plug-in for Snap Creator automatically handles Domino transaction logs. 

It is able to do this since the Domino parameters point to the notes.ini file.  The notes.ini file contains all of the transaction log information that we need.

The only additional action that needs to be taken is the volume that contains the Domino transaction logs needs to be included in the list of volumes that are captured - i.e. if you are using a Domino Data volume and a Domino Log volume both volumes need to be listed in the volume section so that they are captured as part of the snapshot.

When using Domino archive style logging the Domino plug-in manages removing old .txn files.

Additionally, with Snap Creator 3.5 we have built greater intelligence into the plug-in to help manage the Domino transaction log files and the change info files created by the Snap Creator plug-in.

This feature is used by setting up Snap Creator archiving - the following settings are recommended with Snap Creator 3.5 or greater:






Hope this helps!


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