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Lun Enumeration extremely slow

I have 2 servers out of 40 similar servers that when i attempt to view the luns in snapdrive,  it sits there and spins at me for well over 30 minutes before the luns actually appear in snapdrive.   They exist on the server and function normally.   Its just when i try to add space,  it takes forever.   None of my other servers have this issue.  Same domains, policies,  snapdrive 6.41 installs everything.   The databases are a bit larger and there are more luns than most (14).   I've double checked everything i know to check.  Preferred filer, network paths, everything


Re: Lun Enumeration extremely slow


Did you ever get this problem resolved?  I'm having similar issues.




Re: Lun Enumeration extremely slow

Is this an iscsi implementation? If so I encountered this in a secure firewalled environment with snapmirror relationship configured at the volume level. Once I had the firewall opened ( there is an article on the support site) the problem was resolved.

Check out the KB!
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