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MS SQL or Oracle for SAP databases


I have a customer who wants to deploy a new SAP environment.  He has said that he would like to use Win2k8 with MS SQL for databases, but will use Oracle if we recommend it.

What are the pros/cons of using Oracle instead of SQL, with integration into ONTAP in mind.



MS SQL or Oracle for SAP databases

Pro: SnapManager for SAP only supports Oracle as backend database.



MS SQL or Oracle for SAP databases

Oracle on Unix only or on Windows aswell ?


MS SQL or Oracle for SAP databases


Re: MS SQL or Oracle for SAP databases

Currently my thinking is :

1.  Keep databases on seperate flexvols and take one consistent snapshot per day and Snapmirror that volume to the DR site.

2.  Keep all the logs (archive and redo) on one flexvol and Snapmirror that volume every 15 minutes.

So, a restore would mean restoring each database volume to the most recent consistent backup and then rolling forward to the required point in time using the logs.  This will give a commit-consistent recovery point across all the databases.  I would also use SMVI/VMWare Virtual Centre to take consistent backups of the VMs for the SAP applications.

My question here is that is SMO the best option for doing this, or is SnapCreator/scripting a better fit ?  From what I am hearing, with SAP the application code is held within the database, so unless I am planning to use BR tools, then I dont need to use SMSAP, SMO will be sufficient.  I am just not sure of the limitations, and if SnapCreator/scripting will fill in any gaps there are (like co-ordinating SMVI/SMO snapshots).


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