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Mailbox recovery wiht SMR Problem


Hi i have Exchange 2016, snapcenter 4.3, vcentern 6.7,Storage is NetApp.

I want to recovery one Mailbox that i can restore the contacts.

I know the Mailbox Name and the Database. I start Single Mailbox Recovery, I can connect to Server i See the Database and also the Snapshot, but when i choice the snapshoot and want to mount it. the Windows with mount process is after 10 minutes not finish.  When i go directly to NetApp i see volume that a clone is mounted.

Im really dissapointed About this snapcenter.

is there a possibility that i restore Mailbox without single Mailbox recovery? or that i mount the snapshoot manually add clone to Server and then only Import to single Mailbox recovery i sow this one time but now i cannot remmeber.


Re: Mailbox recovery wiht SMR Problem


Is your mount not happening?


The remote host needs to be added into SC as SCW plugin host, so that you can execute the mount snapshot command.

The command will validate the path, find out hte storage, clone the LUN, get the iGroup of the remote host and map the cloned LUN there.


1. Mount-SdSnapshot -Path <svm_name>:/vol/<volume_name>/<lun_name>  -Snapshot <snapshot name>  -MountPath <drive_letter:> -Host > <Remote_host_name> -Verbose


2. Mount-SdSnapshot -Path   <svm_name>:/vol/<volume_name>/<lun_name>  -Snapshot <snapshot name>  -AutopickMountPoint -Host <Remote_host_name> -Verbose


The above should be working fine with SC 4.3.1P2  and above versions.

Re: Mailbox recovery wiht SMR Problem


i dont know why the snapcenter is so complicated. any time when i want to restore something i need help. snapshot is mounted on netapp i see the clone. but single mailbox recovery can only connect to server, show database, load snapshot. mount snapshot not. but i was having a case by netapp months ago, where we found the error and everything did work. but now again the error. i think that the problem is that anapcenter server is not on first esx in the farm, because only that could be different.

when we dont have it 20 esx i will used veeam. is simplied

Re: Mailbox recovery wiht SMR Problem


i have the solutions, smr is installed on separate server, not on exchange.

so we allready make iscsi connections to netapp. Server has 2 network adapters one for lan and one for iscsi lan and this iscsi network adapter lose the ip settings. 

after give iscsi network adapter the ip back , everything works .

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