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MaxDB log truncate

Has anybody implemented SnapCreator and MaxDB? How does log trucate works? This is not documented.


Re: MaxDB log truncate

I found a solution for MaxDB 7.7:

1) Create a DB Full-Backup to /dev/null

2) Enable Autolog

3) SnapCreator Config-File:



   dbmcli -U netapp db_execute force savepoint
   dbmcli -U db_execute save data quick to 'Netapp' external

4) As a local admin use xuser tool:

user -c domain\user -U netapp -u dbusername,dbpassword -d dbname -n hostname

Re: MaxDB log truncate


What is the goal here, simply to delete maxdb archive logs? If so SC has a generic archive log mgmt plugin which can delete files in a directory based on retention. Idea is you want to combine this with snapvault  or some form of backup so you backup the log files to cheaper secondary storage / tape and then delete on primary based on lesser retention.

Also the SC maxdb plugin does a force savepoint so this seems like double effort unless maybe you are using an older version of SC?



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