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Migrate "White spaced" Exchange data with SME


What happens with the "White spaces" during initial migration with SME?

Given a disk with approx 500 GB size and 400 GB occupied by Exchange databases. A check with Get-MailboxDatabase -Status tells that there is approx 50% "White Space" amount due to an archive operation with a 3rd party tool.

Will the LUN after a migration with SME (from local harddisk to FC attached LUN) only consume approx 200 GB?




Re: Migrate "White spaced" Exchange data with SME

No.  It simply copies the Exchange database as is.  In order to remove your free space you would need to make a new mailbox database and then use move mailbox cmdlets to remove the white space. 

Note that the white space does not impact NetApp SnapManager backup times as a traditional tape backup would.

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