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Migration Tool for SQL and Oracle



We are planning to migrate Block data (SQL & ORACLE) from HP to NETAPP, What are the best tools that you suugest for this type of migrations. 


Re: Migration Tool for SQL and Oracle

if you plan to use the NetApp snapmaanger for SQL and Oracle tools, then you could use these to do the migration.


if you present the new NetApp luns up to the servers, install the appropraite software, the config wizards of both tools will migrate your databases for you.


however it is disruptive (certianly for SQL) with the databases been manually moved to the luns, so offlined and copied.


but they are a good solid migration method, making all the appropriate DB changes that you need.



Re: Migration Tool for SQL and Oracle

What is the approx. size of the data to be mograted? And what ONTAP version is the target NetApp system running on?

E.g. if we are talking about cDOT 8.3, SAN Foreign LUN Import feature may be relevant, especially if there is a lot of data to be moved across.




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