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Mounting clone of volume group start fsck

When I mount the clone of a volume group on another server it starts with an e2fsck on the device. This is a large file system so I'm not interested in running this.


"snapdrive snap connect -fs /cloned_fs -snapname filer01:/vol/UnixData:daily.2 -clone unrestricted"


this creates my clone and it also starts importing the dg but then it is put on hold by the e2fsck process running on the file system. If I kill the e2fsck process the lun's are mounted as expected.


What can I do to stop the server from running fsck on the cloned file system?


Server RHEL 6.6





Re: Mounting clone of volume group start fsck

Cloned image of mounted filesystem has dirty flag and possible inconsistency, so fsck is forced by OS. No workaround, unfortunately.