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Moving SQL Databases between filers

Can I use Snapmanager for SQL to move Databases between filers?

Old filers are being decommissioned.

Or is there a better, easier way?


Re: Moving SQL Databases between filers

Absolutely. You need to ensure that the target database LUNs are connected to the current host. Then you can use the Configuration Wizard.



Re: Moving SQL Databases between filers

There are many ways to accomplish this.  If you can afford the downtime then ensuring that the host has both sets of LUNs attached to it then running the configuration wizard and migrating the database is an easy one.  You can also detach the databases, then copy the databases to the new locations, and reattach the databases.  Either of these two methods are fine if you can have some downtime to make the database moves.  If downtime is an issue then you can use database mirroring to accomplish this task.  The steps for database mirroring are in a blog post on the MS Enviro blog.

Best of luck


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