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Multiple archive log dirs in SC 4.x


We have database writing its archivelogs into two independent NFS locations. We wanted SnapCreator to manage both locations. In post, there is mentioned that parameters ARCHIVE_LOG_DIR<##> should be used. This is however not working with SC 4.x (we have tested it on  4.1P2 and  4.1.2P1). Also in documentation, there is not mentioned that we could use multiple ARCHIVE_LOG_DIR destinations. 


So what is the best and recomended way how to manage multiple archive log directoried ? Thank you very much for help.


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Re: Multiple archive log dirs in SC 4.x


We have not find any direct solution, just a workaround, so I'm posting it here, maybe it will help someone.


We changed location of log directories. Primary logs are stored in /db2/TST/log_archive/primary and secondary are stored in /db2/TST/log_archive/secondary. In snapcreator, there is the parent directory as ARCHIVE_LOG_DIR=/db2/TST/log_archive . Snapcreator then recursivly goes through all directories and processes logs as needed.




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