NDMP Backup

Hi ,

Iam having FAS 2040 dual controller all the FC ports 0a,0b are in target mode and connected to two cisco FC switch

i have to take NDMP backup

Do a port must be as an initiator for NDMP backup . if i change the port to initiator switch failover doesnot work

i want to know that for NDMP initiator port is must?



Re: NDMP Backup

If you want the FAS2040 to attach to tape, one of the ports must be an initiator.  There is also the option to NDMP over the network to a media server if you cannot change from target to initiator.  FAS2040 --> Media Server --> Tape...which wouldn't use an FC initiator on the 2040... often performance is not much different depending on tape drives, available disk iops, etc...but it is best over a separate network or vlan.