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NDMP Node-scoped mode with BackupExec 2015


Hi All,


I setup FAS2554 switchless cluster and enable NDMP node-scoped mode, the backup software is BackupExec2015.

I can add the Netapp as NDMP server on BackupExec server by using cluster management and backup the volume. However, it cannot backup when the cluster management failover to its partner.


Can anyone give me some hints or guide to configure NDMP with backupexec?




Re: NDMP Node-scoped mode with BackupExec 2015


To ensure backup continues in event of failover use SVM scoped backup. For information refer Clustered Data ONTAP® 8.3 NDMP Configuration Express Guide

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Re: NDMP Node-scoped mode with BackupExec 2015



Backup Exec only supports node-scope with Clustered Ontap and doesnt support select folders inside the volumes to backup only the volume complete

You need to configure one ndmp server for each node using the node-management ip address

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