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NDMP using SAS


I want to configure NDMP using SAS ports of FAS 2240, will this work? Has anyone tried?. Since I will not have any FC ports when using Switch HA.

Means, I would like to connect dual drive Tape Library to one of the SAS port in FAS 2240 and use NDMP backup. Will this solution work. Or has anyone made this working?.

or Is there any work around?



Using SAS ports for tape connection is supported.


I stand corrected - the world (apparently) moves on

I haven't been on this page for months, but it turns out some LTO-4 & LTO-5 SAS drives are already there:

(caveat - ONTAP 8.1 is required, which is fine for 2240)




New in 8.1 for support but I heard it worked prior. Just supported without a pvr.



I've never seen any reference suggesting NDMP may work with directly attached SAS tape.

What I  normally suggest, is to attach a library to a media/backup server - you can still use NDMP, but the data will go via LAN to a media server, and then to tape (it is still host-free method though). Many NDMP-enabled backup application can use it, e.g. newer versions of Backup Exec.




Any luck on whether this works or not?

We have an FAS2040 with 8.1 and looking to directly attach an IBM tape library with SAS connections and use NDMP.

I see that the SAS tapes are now supported in 8.1 but confirming if NDMP works or not to directly attached SAS libraries.


It should work fine. If the tape drives are supported then ndmp can dump to tape. Robotics are also passed through ndmp which works well if only backing up NetApp.

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NDMP will work with any directly attached tape as long as it is supported and correctly recognized by NetApp. Technology does not really matter (SCSI, FC, SAS).


Please, beware that the HCL for your backup software may exclude SAS libraries. That is the case for Backupexec 2012:


Did anyone tried this setup?

Will the library itself be supported, or only the drives?

Can I do SnapMirror to a SAS tape inside a library (ex.: Dell TL2000)?


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