Need help in configuring snapdrive 5.0 on linux

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I am basically a unix admin and complete newb to snapdrive. i have installed installed snapdrive rpm 5.0 on our linux host to backup our filesystems.....alll i have done is intalled the rpm and confirmed the daemon is running and after that tried running the command to test backup of fs but it failed with below error,


snapdrive  snap create -fs /u01/app/oracle/product/wcp -snapname testsnap

0002-106 Command error: Failed to resolve filespec information


Not sure if there is anything else i need to configure, Also if the command was successfull how do i know where does the snapfile gets created.




Re: Need help in configuring snapdrive 5.0 on linux


A little bit late , but.....did you solve this problem?

We are getting the same erorr

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