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NetAPP HP UX Support

Hi All,

I would like to know if there are any limitations in deploying NetAPP with HP UX host environment. Customer is going to use Oracle database and we will be required to configure;

* Multipath

* Cluster on HP UX

* snap manager and snap drive

and other required netapp utilities based on customer requirement.

Please let me know if anyone has faced any issues so far?

Thanks for the help.



Re: NetAPP HP UX Support

Hi Raj,

Not a lot of info here but we have a number of HPUX boxes with Oracle (10 & 11), SMO, SDU over 10GbE and (d)NFS.  Works very well!!  We're not using clustering, RAC or block based storage though, so can't comment on that...

For specific compatibility, you should check the Interop Matrix here:



Re: NetAPP HP UX Support


I was just notified by a support engineer that Netapp is dropping support of HP-UX for their Snapdrive for Unix, Snap Manager for Oracle, and Snap Manager for SAP products.  Starting with version 5.1 of SDU and version 3.3 of SMO and SMSAP, Netapp will not release versions for HP-UX.  We have been an HP-UX shop for many years.  When Oracle announced that they were dropping support of HP-UX, we started looking at Linux as our platform of choice for hosting Oracle databases.  This announcement by Netapp will accelerate our testing of Oracle on Linux. 



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