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While quite familiar with NetApp, I am a stranger to NetBackup, an environment I inherited.  We do NDMP dumps of volumes to NBU nightly, and what I've found is that it's a pain to keep NBU up to date with all the new volumes being added to the NetApp on a daily basis.  I'm looking for a bulk-add, cli, solution to add "Backup Selections", i.e. the volumes on a netapp, to an NBU policy.  Basically refreshing the backup selections list on a nightly or weekly basis to make sure nothing's getting missed.


Anyone got any ideas?


Re: NetApp/NetBackup question


You can use bpplinclude (/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/, assuming unix):

USAGE: bpplinclude policy_name [-v] [-M master_server,...] -L|-l
       bpplinclude policy_name [-v] [-M master_server,...] [-generation generation] [-reason "<reason>"]
           {-add path_name ...} |
           (-add -f filename} |
           (-delete path_name ...} |
           {-delete -f filename} |
           {-modify {old_path_name new_path_name} ...}

       Note: paths with wildcards must be quoted.

The 1st synopsis will give you the current list - the 2nd will let you add paths.  It should be pretty easy to get a list of current vols, compare it to the list of existing includes, and add anything missing.


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Re: NetApp/NetBackup question


Thanks Bill!

It seems this will let you add the same path over and over without reporting an error.  Odd.

Sadly our netbackup environment is on a windows host, so while I can easily generate a list of volumes from the netapp via my linux admin host, I'll have to learn about windows FOR loops.  Booo.

Re: NetApp/NetBackup question


Install perl!  Anything beats trying to maintain a script in windows.....

Re: NetApp/NetBackup question


You also also use NetApp Powershell toolkit which is supposed to be more extensive than perl API.

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