Netapp NDMP sinlge files and folder restored only to Volume Root

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Hello, when we restore data from our ndmp netapp cifs, the restored data is always in the root folder instead the original folder structure. Any idea why?
We make a full volume ndmp backup with backup exec initiating a snapshot.
Version 2014SP2

It could be a big problem when doing a destaster recovery of the whole volume i think.



INFO: V4 START_RECOVER nlist length 1
......[kern_ndmpd:info:3478] [32967]   INFO: V4 START_RECOVER nlist[0/1] original_path='qtree_ABC/x/y/File.docx'
......[kern_ndmpd:info:3478] [32967]   INFO: V4 START_RECOVER nlist[0/1] destination_dir='/CIFS/vol_XYZ/File.docx' node=24324 fh_info=23424242343


Best regards and thank you in advance