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Netapp NDMP sinlge files and folder restored only to Volume Root


Hello, when we restore data from our ndmp netapp cifs, the restored data is always in the root folder instead the original folder structure. Any idea why?
We make a full volume ndmp backup with backup exec initiating a snapshot.
Version 2014SP2

It could be a big problem when doing a destaster recovery of the whole volume i think.



INFO: V4 START_RECOVER nlist length 1
......[kern_ndmpd:info:3478] [32967]   INFO: V4 START_RECOVER nlist[0/1] original_path='qtree_ABC/x/y/File.docx'
......[kern_ndmpd:info:3478] [32967]   INFO: V4 START_RECOVER nlist[0/1] destination_dir='/CIFS/vol_XYZ/File.docx' node=24324 fh_info=23424242343


Best regards and thank you in advance

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