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Netboot fails to load


Has anybody seen this:  Netboot fails to load.  We receive a timeout error.  Here are the variables:

SolarWinds TFTP client on Windows7; IP set to

Filer ethernet port e0d set to

Windows Firewall Turned OFF

Microsoft Security Essentials Turned OFF

We can ping the filer from the client and also ping the client from the filer.  Attached is a screen shot of the activity.


Netboot fails to load

I suppose I'm the only one who has seen this timeout error.  Anybody have any ideas on why the netboot would be timing out given the variables above?

Netboot fails to load

1) AntiVirus on Client properly disabled?

2) Tried netbooting from a http webserver(btw, every netapp filer can potentialy be one since http nowadays comes for free)?

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