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No option to commit changes to NTP in System Configuration Menu NetApp DatBroker


Option 5 gives the option to change NTP IP Address/FQDN with comma separated values. You can input these values and get a message that says that it was changed successfully and to press ENTER to continue. Once you do that and select "x" to EXIT a message pops up saying you have changes that have not been committed and if you're sure you want to exit with a y/n prompt but none of the 9 options on the system configuration page offers to commit the changes.  There is nowhere I can even find out what my NTP is currently set to. 





In able to check your NTP settings you will have to access diagnostic shell from the Main menu (option 4 >> option2).

Once you are at the prompt, login with the maint or root user and you can cat the ntp.conf file

diag@databroker:: cat /etc/ntp.conf


As far as for the commit option, there is one under the main menu (option 3 >> option 7)



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