Oracle 9 backup using script

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Hi Keith,

I found the script that looks like has been used with older versions of SnapCreator 3.1/3.2.  for backing up older versions of Oracle.  Unfortunately this client has two DBs that are still on Oracle 9.X.

Can this script be used with SC 3.4? I am assuming when I create the configuration for the profile I would select "NONE", and change the following in the config:

  • PRE_APP_QUIESCE_CMD01=/path/to/ begin online <SID>
  • POST_APP_QUIESCE_CMD01=/path/to/ end online <SID>

And add the following variable (noticed it is referenced in the comments, but not anywhere else in the config):

  • PRE_EXIT_CMD01=/path/to/ end online <SID>

This will put the DB in/out of hot-backup mode, can this handle the archive log switch too and log rotation?



Oracle 9 backup using script

Yep it works with 3.4.0

Here is info follow examples for 3.2.x that is what you would do



Re: Oracle 9 backup using script

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