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Oracle DB Clone without SMO

I want to clone our production DWH DB to our test environment with a different DB Name (DWHP -> DWHT). Since both DB's run on Solaris with Containers we cann't use Snap Manager for Oracle. I have found a few references in the web that indicate that it is possible to do this manually using FlexClone.

Is this possible ? Can anybody point me to a description or white paper where the procedure is described, including pre and post work in the Oracle DB's ?




Oracle DB Clone without SMO

Hi and welcome to the Community!

Did you try searching the online library (

One of the docs with the info looking relevant to your case:

(chapter 11 & appendix with hot-backup mode scripts)


Oracle DB Clone without SMO

Hello Radek,

thanks for pointing into the right direction. I did find a detail description in the online library after some searching :

regards eric

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