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Override Parameter on schedule

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Hi there.


I have the following scenario. We have a configuration where we use the VIBE plugin for backup up VMs that are on a NFS datastore on the Netapp. The current config uses the daily policy and makes VMware snapshots (VIBE_VMWARE_SNAPSHOT=Y Parameter).


Now we need to also use the hourly policy but here we do not want to take VMware snapshots.


When I do a manual backup (Action - Backup) I can select Add/Override Parameters and use VIBE_VMWARE_SNAPSHOT=N to not take a VMware snapshot and only a Netapp Snapshot.


When I create a scheduled run I do not have this possibility. 


How can I achieve this without creating two configurations?







Re: Override Parameter on schedule

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Hi Marc,


With 4.1 version of Snap Creator, Policy Management feature is introduced. Using this feature, a "policy schedule" (action and frequency) can be defined. And using a policy manager, associate policy params and Override params to this schedule. Attached a screen shot.


In your case, with out creating two configs, by creating two policy manager entries, you can solve your problem.




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