Plugin request for new feature

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We are using version 3.6. The SC executes bash commands on the target machine, so it cannot set environment variables successfully because our user uses csh as default shell.

We have to set variables in the user environment first, so that the backup would end successfully although SC fails to set variables.

We want to request the new feature of supporting more shells, like executing different commands according to the shells.

example: oracle plugin

****************SC Server Log****************

[Fri Dec 21 02:51:32 2012] DEBUG: Command [/bin/su - oracle -c "ORACLE_HOME=/sctest_oracle/SCTEST/112_64;export ORACLE_HOME;


/sctest_oracle/SCTEST/112_64/bin/sqlplus /nolog @/tmp/"]

finished with exit code: [0]




stderr: [ORACLE_HOME=/sctest_oracle/SCTEST/112_64: Command not found.

         export: Command not found.

         ORACLE_SID=SCTEST: Command not found.

       export: Command not found.]


testserver /sctest_oracle/> echo $shell   $ORACLE_HOME   $ORACLE_SID

/bin/csh   /sctest_oracle/SCTEST/112_64   SCTEST



Re: Plugin request for new feature

Hello Carmen,

Thank you for the suggestion.

I have requested the developer team to add support for multiple shells.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

Siva Ramanathan

Snapcreator Community Moderator

Re: Plugin request for new feature

Wrong person on this also.


Cary Ferbrache, Sr. Systems Engineer

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