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Problem pushing out SnapCenter


I had an issue with backups suddenly failing stating that a job was already running, even though it had cancelled.

I removed the plugins and the Host and then tried to redeploy, but it keeps failing. The error in the install log is:


9-21-2020[01:02:13 PM]: (CLR Action): SWInstallerHelper: Begin CheckStaleServiceExist.
9-21-2020[01:02:13 PM]: Engine: property 'IS_STALE_SERVICE_EXIST' value now 'true'
9-21-2020[01:02:13 PM]: (CLR Action): SWInstallerHelper: CheckStaleServiceExist: SCWPluginService is exist, remove the service manually & re-try the installtion again
9-21-2020[01:02:13 PM]: Action returned value 0x00000643
9-21-2020[01:02:13 PM]: Action 'CheckStaleServiceExist' returned status 0x80070643
9-21-2020[01:02:13 PM]: Original exit status: 0x80070643, final exit status: 0x00000643

I have checked the registry for any stale NetApp registry keys and cannot find any. I have checked the "Program Files" folder and there is nothing there. Where else could the installer be looking when performing this 'CheckStaleServiceExist' routine?


Re: Problem pushing out SnapCenter




Have you tried rebooting the server and re-try the operation? if not please perform a reboot and try again.

If reboot was already performed, please follow the kb below on how to remove stale entry for snapcenter plugin:





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Re: Problem pushing out SnapCenter


Thanks for the response and the link. The SnapCenter server was rebooted at the weekend for patching. The host server which I am trying to add is due for a reboot next Monday, as it is a clinical system, and we must plan downtime. I have checked and it is in a pending reboot state at the moment. Hopefully, this is what is causing the failed installs.

Re: Problem pushing out SnapCenter


All sorted now. Thanks again.

"sc delete SCWPluginService" was the command which cleaned up the last bit of the plugin.

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