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Problem with SMO 3.3.0


I have a problem with SMO on a RedHat Linux ES 5 x64 with SMO 3.3.0.

My scheduled backup does not launch anymore. Here is the log I received :




Warning Messages


[WARN] FLOW-11011: Operation aborted

Error Messages


SMO-13032: Cannot perform operation: Backup Create. Root cause: SMO-11004: Error creating Snapshot copy: EXE-00002: Timeout of 0:05:00.000 occurred while executing command: /usr/sbin/snapdrive snap create -fs /oraxxx/yyy -fs -snapname smo_yyy_20130221_150557_1_d992a4943cfd131b013cfd13212a0001_0 -unrelated

This has been caused by a power failure, SMO was doing the backup when the failure appears...

I have restarted the smo_server without success...

I have others databases than this one, everything is ok with them.

Thanks for your help.


Re: Problem with SMO 3.3.0

Hello, check name resolutions. In my case the error appears during primary DNS server maintenance. After primary  DNS server was up the error disappears.

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