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Reallocation Measurement - Interpretation


I'm running reallocation measurments on a number of SQL LUNs, and have been unable to find a few definitions. If anyone can point me to a reallocate TR, that would make my day.

If not - can anyone define for me the following (to begin with, anyway...) from the Layout Measurment Log?

"min_zones/actual zones" ,   "Hot-spot VBNs" , and   -  "Hot-spot Factor"

Here are the terms in context:

Layout Measurement Log

Volume: stage_a2, inode 101 
Block ratios
min_zones/            count of
actual zones           L1 blocks.

0%                           0
1%                           2
2%                           11
3%                           3
98%                           0
99%                           0
100%                        12
Total L1 blocks: 23290 
Total VBN: 11866124 
Average VBN/L1: 509 
Average VBN/inode: 11866124 
Total min_zones: 186181 
Total holes: 11776 
Total zones: 622508 
Total sig holes: 17820 
Total small gaps: 39220 
Total factor: 627381 
Total Hot-spot VBNs: 389108, 3%  
Hot-spot Factor: 17.43 
Result Ratio: 3.36 
Expected Ratio: 1.25


Re: Reallocation Measurement - Interpretation



Reallocate TR doesn't exist I am afraid - but no doubt it is needed!

Probably the biggest amount of reallocation-related info in one place can be found here:



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