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Recovering calendar objects with SnapManager for Exchange



Can you provide some feedback on the email below?

I was in a customer demo this morning, where part of the Demo covered Snap Manager for Exchange.

The customer asked to see if calendar objects could be recovered, which all present felt was possible, yet when we attempted it we could not get this to work.

We were using a lab on demand session with Exchange 2007.

I need to get back to the customer on this subject and I have tried again to do the same thing within Snap Manager for Exchange and I cannot, yet the documentation on the product does seem to imply you can.

Can anybody coment?

Thank you,


Recovering calendar objects with SnapManager for Exchange


Hi Elias,

You need Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR) to do this - it is a separate product / install from SME.

I don't remember whether is installed at all in LoD environment, but you can always add it after the session is set up.



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