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Restore Datastore VSC+SnapCenter

Hi all


does someone know if it's possible to restore entire nfs datastore from a vsc+snapcenter backup job?


If I try to restore a datastore the vsc wizard says "datastore restore feature is currently not supported for the selected backup" while I can restore a datastore from a vsc only backup job.


Thanks in advance






Re: Restore Datastore VSC+SnapCenter



VSC supports using SnapCenter to create and restore backup jobs.


You have several options for working with backups:
 •Using SnapMirror or SnapVault
 •Performing a one-time, on-demand backup
 •Scheduling backups to occur on a regular basis
 •Specifying a retention policy for the backups
 •Adding a virtual machine or datastore to an existing backup
 •Modifying the job properties of an existing backup


You can restore a backup copy whenever you need to. The restore feature provides several options, including:
 •Restoring a datastore, an entire virtual machine, or particular disks from a virtual machine
 •Verifying that the backup copy is correct by mounting it to a different host, checking the backup content, unmounting the backup from that host, and then restoring the backup copy to the original  location
 •Powering the virtual machines back on automatically after a restore involving the entire backup completes


Refer this link for more details,




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Re: Restore Datastore VSC+SnapCenter

Hi Hariprak


I have read the documentation so I try to restore a datastore NFS or FC (this printscreen) but as you can see the wizard stops immediately with this error:





this backup is on the primary storage (no snapvault / snapmirror)


If the same datastore was backed up with a legacy VSC job (no Snapcenter integration) I can restore the datastore!





Re: Restore Datastore VSC+SnapCenter

Hi all


from relase notes VSC 6.2.1



In VSC environments that use SnapCenter, there are some limitations with regard to backup and restore operations:

Backups created with SnapCenter do not support datastore level restore operations.

that's all !





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